eastcoast aluminium balustrade

Eastcoast Aluminium design, manufacture and install all types of balustrades for residential & commercial decking and balconies.  Customers are able to choose from powder coated aluminium, glass, stainless steel, or a combination of these materials.
All of our products comply with Australian Standards and BCA codes and are manufactured to withstand the harsh Australian conditions.



GLASS BALUSTRADEHome owners who not want to obstruct sea, land or city views with Standard Balustrade often choose Glass Balustrade. This is a seamless and stunning design option that is guaranteed to meet all specific engineering and architectural requirements. Eastcoast Aluminum Frameless Glass Balustrading is tested and manufactured to strict Australian standards and regulations.




Customers who are looking for a product that is  great value for money often choose Glass Framed Balustrade. This is a long-lasting, low maintenance product and is installed by many of Australia’s leading builders.




Aluminium Balustrade is constructed entirely from aluminium, contains no glass and is our highest selling product.
Customers are able to choose from a wide selection  of  design concepts and powder-coated colour finishes.  Our Aluminum is of the highest quality, and we offer full warranties on all of our services.



stainless steel balustrade

High Resistance to Corrosion and Low Maintenance Requirements

Stainless steal is best when installing new architectural designs for both indoors and outdoors. All material is highly resistant to corrosion, providing your balustrades with a finish that can last for years.



director of eastcoast aluminiumAutomatic gates can add additional privacy, security and add value to your home. Eastcoast Aluminium’s Automatic gates are versatile and are complete with an electric intercom system.

Eastcoast Aluminium offers the latest styles with the ability to install the aluminium slats vertical, horizontal or diagonal and the ability to install the slats on an angle to create a  louvre style and maximum airflow while maintaining privacy.



8Customisable and versatile. Choose from a wide selection of fencing styles and colours. All our fencing is finished with the highest quality powdercoat and has a life time guarantee. This is a low maintenance and highly resistant product.





queenslander balustrade

Replace the old timber balustrade in your home with aluminium. No rust, no repainting and less fuss. Aluminium is a great solution to timber as it is much better suited to withstand the harsh Australian weather than wood.